Standout Features

5 color replaceable straps
0.96" OLED display
Touch key

Essential Features

Monitor activity in whole day

Record activity in whole day

Record steps, distance, calorie and activity time. Standby time is around 15 days.

Sedentary alert

ID107Plus HR will vibrate in specified time to avoid harmful effect of sedentary, thus pushing you to do some exercise.

Monitor heart rate automatically

Bracelet will record your time and quality of sleeping and maintain a good sleeping method for you. If you don’t want to get phone call or message during rest time, then you can set it into UN-disturbing mode.

Mute vibration alarm

Get time setting well and bracelet will remind with vibration.

Upgrade function and advance your fitness

Multiple sport mode

Climbing, Badminton, Fitness, Spinning, Treadmill, Yoga, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Dancing etc., You can check your sport data in display directly.

Connect GPS

Connect mobile GPS, check sport tracking. Sport tracking chart, sporting rate and sporting distance can be seen in APP.

Cardio fitness level

Do aerobic exercise regularly thus enhancing the endurance of heart and lung. Set heart rate zone well to do aerobic exercise then the effect will be better.

Breathing instruction

Guide your breathing according to your heart rate setting zone. Vibrate to remind you to adjust sport when your heart value is too high thus make your breathing more gentle.


Intimate tooling, make life easier


Incoming calling and hanging up

User can check incoming message or hang up on bracelet.

SNS alert

Display the latest three messages.

Clock Faces

Define clock display

Choose clock interface of your style rather than monotony pics.

Clock Faces

The weather shows

ID107Plus HR can show the day and the next two days the weather information, help you choose a better travel time.

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