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All day monitor and record

A new day begins with the Veryfit APP

Daily Activities

Steps, calories, activity duration,target and completion rate can be checked in this fuction. And it also shows you the overall change through the trend diagram.

Sleeping data and trend

Record the sleeping data and analyse the trend through Veryfit,which provides you the useful suggestion to improve your sleeping quality.

Daily heart rate

You can cehck the resting heart rate,average heart rate and the highest heart rate of the day, the trend curve of the heart rate will be given automatically throught the App.Highest heart rate and the average heart rate in different exercising modes can be checked when the timeline is pull-down.

Time axis

The data of each exercise mode has a corresponding time axis. It shows the whole process of exercise clearly. You can check the duration of exercise, calories consumption, distance etc on the time axis.

Activity & Exercise

Focus on your health status all the time

Multiple Exercise Mode

Dozens of exercise modes to choose on Veryfit, including: mountaineering, badminton, exercising, dynamic cycling, treadmill, yoga, basketball, football, tennis, dancing and so on.Enjoy the fun of exercises.

Set a goal for exercise

With a goal, you will have more enduring enthusiasm for exercise.

Exercise track

Motion track,pace,time and distance are recorded in the Running fuction in Veryfit. It helps to improve your performance of your running, walking, trekking and riding.

Data sharing

After achieving the goal, you can share the data on the mainstream social platforms through one-key share function on Veryfit. Have a pk with your friends or competitors.

Personal Settings

Find the proper tool and guidance

Customized settings

Complete your personal information, upload avatar and set daily goals. So that you can enjoy more service provided by App. At the meantime, the customized settings will help you to draw more attention from the social platforms.

Ranking List

Login and share your exercise data on the social platforms, you will see it on the ranking list. Trigger your enthusiasm and competitive spirit for exercise.

Data Application

Back up your data periodically, and synchronize it to the Apple Heath or google fit. These data will be a valuable reference, helping you to change the way of living and exercise.

Weight Record

Update weight data periodically, Veryfit calculates your standard weight interval by BMI index according to the data provided. Besides, it intuitively presents the effect of exercising and weight-losing through the curve chart of weight.

Find your fitness goals

Using the DO Intelligent smart band to keep on tracking your daily progress and tap your potential with VeryfitPro

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Compatible with Android 4.4 、IOS 7.1 and above、Bluetooth 4.0