Record every heart beat

ID105 Heart Rate Smart Bracelet


Optical measuring heart rate bracelet

Heart rate monitor

Monitor 24 hour heart rate monitor and detailed heart rate data report help you to improve your health status

Daily activities

Record steps, distance, calories

Sleep Monitor & Alarm

Auto recognize sleep mode, auto track your sleep quality, wake you up by silent vibration in the morning

Call Alert & Watch

Check daily data, time and come in calls throught compatible device .

Long standby

Standby as long as 5-10 days, lower power consumption than simalar other device in the market

Sedentary Alert

Device vibrates to remind you for stand up and have some walks in certain time set like half an hour or one hour

Remote camera shoot

Control camera shoot by pressing the key or lift wrist under camera mode

Lift wrist recognition

Lift your wrist up and rotate 90 degree, the screen will light up automatically, it is convenient to check time and date

Anti-lost Alert

When the device is 10m separate from the phone, device silent vibrates for alert

Find phone

Long press the key to enter find phone interface, then double click the key, smart phone will vibrate or ring

Heart Rate

ID105 adoptoptical sense technology,detecting blood data under skin,obtain accutate heart rate data through a series of sophisiticated algo-rithms and provide effective reference for your sports rhythm.

Heart Rate

ID105 adoptoptical sense technology,detecting blood data under skin,obtain accurate heart rate data through a series of sophisticated algorithms, and provide effective reference for your sports rhythm.

Daily Activities

ID105 records your all day activities such as heart rate,steps,distance and calorie burnt. Daily goal could also be set and device will indicate your daily sports progress.

Sleep Monitor& Alarm Alert

ID105 automatically track your sleep hour and sleep quality, catch your body health figure in deep. Check sleep details by sync sleep data.Refer to weekly/monthly/annualsleep trend diagram, it helps youimprove sleep quality from long term. In the morning the device will wake you up by silent vibration on your wrist

Sedentary Alert

Through customized setup, the device will silent vibrate and remind you to get up and add some exercise by sedentary alert setting in the app.

Call Alert

ID105 is cozy when wearing on wrist, it supports call alert function with caller name or caller ID display. Once device is connected with app, you will not miss any in come calls.

Remote Camera Shoot

Under camera mode, ID105 remote controlsthe phone camera shoot by pressing key on the device or life wrist and rotate 90 degree

Anti-lost remind

When phone is beyond Bluetooth connection range with device, device will silent vibrate to remind for anti-lost

Find Phone

Through find phone function, there will be no worries of missing phone again.

Here is all what you want to know

Today's activity

View daily steps, calories, distance, heart rate, goal complete process.

Activities details

View and analyze the activities by checking the trend triaxial diagram.

Today's sleep

Set sleep goal,view sleep quality

Sleep details

view weekly,monthly,annual sleep by checking trend triaxial diagram

Heart rate details

View daily resting heart rate and peak exercises,fat burning, cardio exercise heart zones as well as heart rate zone time involved.


Share the activities, sleep data to friends.


Show all functions of bracelet.

My info

Set personal information, eg:birthday, gender, height, weight.



Size fits wrists 5.5''-7.9''

Width 0.78

manual measurement, it may have errors

Sensors & Components

● 3D accelerator

● Heart rate sensor

● Vibration Motor



Work Environment

Work Temperature: -10~45℃

What’s Included

Smart Band, Charging cable, User manual

Water resistant

ID105 is sweat-proof, drop-proof, splash-proof, but please do not wear it for swimming or shower.


If the device get humid or water, please take it off from the wrist, and ensure it is dry when you wear it next time.



Battery & Power

● Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery

● Battery Capacity: 60mAh

● Standby: 5-10 days

● Charge: 3 point connect

● Charge hour: About 1 hour


Record 7 days activity and sleep data.

Record weekly,monthly, Annual personal activity and sleep data.


ID 105 adopt BLE 4.0, wireless sync to iOS and Android phones.

Sync range: 6 meters

By bluetooth 4.0 connection, device come with incoming call alert, remote camera shoot etc.


Bluetooth and Internet access were required for data sync to mobile phone Compatibility: for iOS 7.1 and above & Android 4.4 and above smart phones.