Healthy life, starting from the heart


Heart Rate Smart Bracelet

Easy to check

Heart rate monitor

24 hours real time dynamic heart rate monitor,plan appropriate exercise

Activities track

Record daily steps, distance and calories consumption

Sleep Monitor& Alarm

Automatically track yoursleep quality, and alarm silent vibration will wake you up.

Call Alert

Caller name or caller ID will be displayed on OLED screen.

Long standby

Standby as long as 5-10 days.

SNS Notifications

Support SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, and other social network site alert.

Camera remote shoot

Smart bracelet controls the remote camera shooting.

Music control

Tap screen, it adjusts volume, music play, pause, or switch to last or next song.


When your phone and the bracelet is beyond the range of bluetooth (6M-10M), the device will vibrate to notify.

Find phone

Long press the key to enter find phone interface, then double click the key, smart phone will vibrate or ring

Heart Rate Monitor

ID101HR continuously measuring the heart rate by photoelectric sensor technology, combined with sophisticated and accurate algorithm, it provides accurate continuous heart rate data, which ensures you keep the suitable heart rate range in all day and during exercise.

Heart Rate Zones

User could self-define the max heart rate according to own health situation. The heart rate zone is calculated according to the max heart rate.
Peak excerise zone: More than 85% of max heart rate
Cardio exercise zone: 70% - 84% of max heart rate
Fat burning zone: 50% - 69% of max heart rate

Daily activities

No matter wherever you go, the built-in sensor can record steps, distance, activity hours, calories data. And set the sedentary alert function in the app, once the set time come, the band will vibrate to remind you to get some exercise.

Auto monitor Sleep & Alarm

ID101HR auto recognize your sleep status, includes sleep degree, awake time duration, fall asleep time, awake time. After sleep data sync, user could check on-line chart showing sleep trend, and set silent vibration alarm, which wakes you up silently and start a new day.

Call & SNS

Once connected with bluetooth, the device could easy access to call (caller name, caller ID), SMS, and other social sites’ notifications. Touching and sliding the screen to check the text on the screen.  Never miss any important calls and messages.

Music control

Choose your favorite song and adjust to the suitable VOL when exercise and make the activity

Rich functions, more than imagine

Here is all what you want to know

Daily Activities:

Check daily steps, calories burnt, distance, heart rate and goal progress

Daily sleep:

Sleep hours, sleep started hour, sleep end hour, deep sleep hour, light sleep hour, duration hours

Daily Heart Rate:

Check daily heart rate data of resting heart rate, peak exercise, fat burning, cardio exercise and the time spent on each heart rate zone

Sports details:

Record and describe the activities trend of week/ month/year.

Sleep Details:

Record and describe the sleep trend of week/ month/year.

Heart rate details:

Check daily heart rate data of resting heart rate, peak exercise, fat burning, cardio exercise and the time spent on each heart rate zone


Show all functions of bracelet.


Goal setting, user profile, reboot device, connect to app health

Smart analyze:


Sensors & Components

● Gsensor kx022-1020 3D accelerator

● Silicon labs Si1142 heart rate sensor

● Vibration motor


0.91''OLED screen

Multi-point touch screen switch mode

Work Environment

Work Temperature: -10~45℃


Smart Band, User manual.


ID101HR is sweat-proof, rain-proof, but we suggest not wear during swimming or shower.


If the device get humid or water, please take it off from the wrist, and ensure it is dry when you wear it next time.



Heart Rate

Like all heart rate monitoring technologies, accuracy is affected by physiology, location of device, and different movements.

Battery & Power

● Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery

● Battery Capacity: 60mAh

● Standby: 5-10 days

● Charge: USB prot

● Charge hour: About 1 hour


Record 7-day detailed sports and sleep data

Record personal sports data per week, month and year.


ID 101 adopt BLE 4.0, wireless sync to iOS and Android phones

Sync range: 6 meters

By bluetooth 4.0 connection, device come with incoming call alert, remote camera shoot etc.


Bluetooth and Internet access were required for data sync to mobile phone Compatibility: for iOS 7.1 and above & Android 4.4 and above smart phones