Common Questions
  • Q: Bluetooth cannot connect?

    (1) Mobile phone system to meet the requirements: Android 4.4 and above version, iOS 7.0 and above version;

    (2) To confirm that the app is the latest version of Veryfitpro, it is recommended that you use the latest version of the experience;

    (3) Whether the hand-ring Bluetooth is open, open the main interface of the hand ring in the upper left corner with Bluetooth open logo;

    (4) Whether the mobile phone Bluetooth is turned on and can be used normally, it is recommended to close all programs to restart Bluetooth and then connect;

    (5) When binding, please light the hand ring screen, hand ring off the screen may be bound unsuccessful.

  • Q: Bluetooth connection often disconnected?

    (1) Hand ring and mobile phone distance is too far: 7 meters outside the Bluetooth connection effect will be reduced;

    (2) Whether there is shelter between the hand ring and mobile phone, the human body, wearing metal jewelry, etc. will interfere with Bluetooth connection;

    (3) Whether the hand ring is sufficient, enough to open the Bluetooth, light the screen;

    (4) Whether the mobile phone Bluetooth function is abnormal, it is recommended to close the program and restart Bluetooth;

    (5) When the app exits to the background run, the iOS system may automatically kill the system, causing the Bluetooth connection to disconnect;

    (6) The mobile phone black screen after the Bluetooth automatic disconnect, may be because the mobile phone power mode or mobile phone assistant automatically turn off Bluetooth, you can set up the phone and try again.

  • Q: Bluetooth synchronization data time is long or synchronization is unsuccessful?

    (1) Bluetooth is normal connection, if not, please refer to the above two issues;

    (2) Sync data need to be on the home page or refresh the data to start;

    (3) Whether the Bluetooth connection has been disconnected due to timeout.

  • Q: Sleep data cannot be synchronized or inaccurate?

    (1) Whether to wear a hand ring to sleep, do not wear a hand ring sleep synchronization after the app will not produce sleep data;

    (2) The Hand ring records the night sleep data, from lying down for 30 minutes to start recording (3 Kinds of sleep: depth, light, awake sleep), sit and end sleep. Getting up and sleeping can affect the recording of sleep data.

  • Q: Is the hand ring waterproof?Can I take a bath?

    Hand ring for life waterproof, can wear bathing.

  • Q: Does the wrist-lift screen not be sensitive?

    Taking into account the use of your unconscious wrist-lift, such as stretching your arm during sleep, we have a partial restriction on the wrist-lift screen. When the hand ring is down, twist the wrist so that the screen can be lit up normally.It is recommended that you try more times to grasp the best angle of wrist lift.

  • Q: The back of the hand ring automatically hair green light why?

    Green light hand ring attempt to monitor heart rate, if you open the automatic heart rate monitoring, the hand ring will automatically glow, choose manual monitoring heart rate will not automatically glow.Our bracelet uses the current mainstream optical heart rate monitoring, please be assured to use.

  • Q: Do not receive micro-letter reminders, SMS reminders and call reminders?

    (1) In the app to open the Smart reminder function, call to remind the switch and sync hand ring, iOS system settings need to allow Bluetooth pairing;

    (2) The need to maintain a normal Bluetooth connection, and the hand ring can only receive the current time information and calls, Bluetooth connection before the message will not be reminded;

    (3) When the micro-letter is set to "message-free", it will not get a reminder;

    (4) On your iPhone (iOS 13 or above), go to [Settings] - open [Bluetooth] - click "i" symbol on the device to be paired in [MY DEVICES] - enable [Share System Notification].

  • Q: How to charge the hand ring?

    (1) Remove the bracelet from the wrist strap and plug it into the USB port to recharge it (be careful not to insert the counter). Charge will show the remaining power, in order to better storage, the charging process will not keep the hand ring on the screen, you can slide the screen to see the charging progress.

    (2) Under normal circumstances, 1-2-hour hand ring can be filled with electricity. The standby time of the hand ring is about 21 days, and the normal use is about 10 days. Note: Open heart rate automatic detection, hand ring vibration will consume more electricity, affect the use of the hand ring long.

  • Q: Which app version do you download? Compatibility of the system?

    (1) for your better use of the experience, please download the latest version of the Veryfitpro.

    (2) The handset system needs the Android 4.4 and above version, or iOS 7.0 and above version can install and use.

  • Q: Use photo function

    You can put the phone in the distance, lift wrist bracelet can take photos.

    (1) need to keep the hand ring and mobile phone Bluetooth connection;

    (2)App needs to get permission to invoke system camera

  • Q: Use Caller ID to remind

    (1) need to keep the hand ring and mobile phone Bluetooth matching connection;

    (2) Hand ring support hang up, temporarily do not support answering calls and dialing calls;

    (3) No notes will directly display the phone number.

  • Q: Use Informational Reminders

    Hand ring support to receive micro-letter, SMS, QQ, Whatsapp, calendar, mail and other information reminders, please move to the app to set.

    (1) need to keep the hand ring and mobile phone Bluetooth matching connection;

    (2) When there is information, the hand ring information icon will appear on the number of information, up to the most recent 5 information;

    (3) Long by information content can delete information.

  • Q: How to synchronize data? How do I prompt for a connection failure when synchronizing data?

    (1) Open Veryfitpro app will automatically sync, you can also in the Veryfitpro app main interface drop-down message list to sync;

    (2) If the connection failed when the synchronization, try the following methods: First you can try to pull down the synchronization operation, and second, please end Veryfitpro App, and then re-enter; if not, please switch a mobile phone bluetooth or restart the phone.(You can also try to clear Bluetooth sharing information in your mobile settings before restarting your phone);

    Tip: Apple users, please check the "XXX" device in the Bluetooth case table on the phone, click and ignore the device, and then restart the switch to Bluetooth or restart the phone.

  • Q: Wear hand ring mobile phone Bluetooth need to always open it?

    (1) Take steps to count sleep, alarm clock These three functions do not need to be connected to the phone.If you need to exercise only with hand ring, after the exercise of the hand ring and mobile phone connection to view the data can be synchronized.

    (2) Alarm clock: Veryfitpro app set when the start ring, set the successful use of the alarm clock does not need to keep the Bluetooth connection to the phone.

    (3) Call reminder, find the hand ring need to open the mobile phone Bluetooth, and to maintain the connection with the phone.

  • Q: When the mobile phone is not around, can the hand ring record the stored data? How long can you store the data?

    (1) Hand ring can be stored alone data, you go out running or sleep do not have to deliberately carry mobile phones.When you need to synchronize your data, just turn on the Bluetooth phone and close to the bracelet to connect it.

    (2) The body of the hand ring can retain about 7 days of movement data information.

  • Q: Why have I started to walk, the bracelet does not start to step?

    In order to reduce the error of the hand ring set an initial value of 10, when the real-time step is greater than 10 steps, the formal start of the step, the app main interface in real-time steps will change. That is, starting from step 10th, remember 10, 30 steps before data storage

  • Q: Set up a call reminder, how long will the call when the hand ring vibration reminder?

    Set the call reminder, the default 3 seconds after the call reminder; in Veryfitpro app, you can change the call reminder time according to individual needs.

  • Q: Can you change the number of calls to remind you of the vibration?How many times does the vibration vibrate?

    The number of calls to remind the vibration can not be modified.

    The call is set to vibrate the time to remind, until connected or hang up, vibration reminder process Touch Touch key can also stop vibration.

  • Q: Set up a call to remind why there is a call, hand ring no vibration remind me?

    First please make sure that the Bluetooth phone is open and connected to the hand ring, and secondly, non-iOS system, please check the Hand ring app is running (in the background to run it.)

    Tip: A key to clean up memory and some housekeeper software may clean up the process or intercept, please add Veryfitpro app whitelist.

  • Q: Why set up a micro-letter, QQ and other information reminders, but the bracelet did not remind?

    Micro-mail, QQ software information reminders must meet the following conditions:

    (1) The mobile phone is dormant, the background process can not be closed;

    (2) computer and mobile phone can not be used at the same time;

    (3) The hand ring and the phone to keep the connection, Bluetooth needs to always open the State.

    Tip: After the computer landing micro-letter, the mobile phone set on the free of disturb mode, the hand ring will also be reminded.

  • Q: What factors affect the test results of heart rate?

    The non-standard way of wearing will affect the measurement of heart rate signals, such as incomplete fit caused by the leaky, arm swing and hand ring on the skin of the slight movement, etc., hand ring wear too tight, arm raised and clenched, etc. will affect the blood circulation, the same may affect the heart rate signal. The correct way to measure the arm, relax and stay still, while keeping the hand ring to the arm.Note: Individual Differences in skin color, hair, tattoos, and scars may also affect heart rate signals when worn correctly.

  • Q: What is IP67 level waterproof?

    IP67 refers to the safety level of the mobile phone industry.It defines the protective capability of a product against liquid and solid particles.The two-digit number that follows the IP represents the meaning:

    The first number represents the dust level, and the second number represents the waterproof grade.such as IP67, with 6 levels of dust-proof, 7-level waterproof protection.

  • Q: What factors affect the accuracy of hand-ring steps?

    The hand ring built-in accelerometer and the algorithm are extremely delicate things. Generally speaking, when you get the first set of hand ring, you must be honest and accurate to fill out the information!including sex, height, weight, age, these are slightly not allowed to directly affect the acceleration sensor data capture, further affect the algorithm operation, resulting in the result is not counted, the distance data is not correct, the calorie consumption value is not accurate, so as to produce undesirable data, affecting your personal movement data.

    In addition, your swing arm posture, stride, body shape, road surface smoothness, uphill downhill will affect the value of the steps.

  • Q: Why is the weather data on the bracelet not synchronized or inaccurate?

    The bracelet itself does not automatically update the weather data. You need to connect the bracelet to the VeryFitPro App to synchronize the weather data. You can set it by following these steps:

    1) Please make sure that VeryFitPro is connected to the bracelet;

    2) Make sure the switch on Device > More > Weather Forecast is on.


    1) When the VeryFitPro positioning permission is turned on, the current city will be automatically located. When the geographical location is not obtained, there will be no data in the weather. Turning on the GPS switch will make the positioning and weather data more accurate.

    2) When the wristband and VeryFitPro are in normal connection state, the APP will periodically send weather forecast information to the bracelet. When the network service is not good, the weather data may be updated asynchronously or display no data status.

    3) When the bracelet is disconnected from VeryFitPro, the weather data will not be updated synchronously. If there is historical data, the historical data will be displayed. If there is no historical data, the weather has no data status.